Manic Panic Hair Dye

We are not the manufacturers of Manic Panic Hair Dye and this website was created to give information on Manic Panic Hair Dyes only. This page was created and is maintained by Beeunique.

This website provides links to the basic information you will need to use Manic Panic Hair Dyes. There are links to pages on using these dyes, ingredients, instructions, bleaching hair, removing hair dye from skin, fading colour, photos of dyes results and more.

Current Manic Panic Hair Dye Colours - as of May 2017
After Midnight, Atomic Turquoise, Bad Boy Blue, Blue Angel, Blue Moon, Blue Steel, Cleo Rose, Cotton Candy Pink, Deep Purple Dream, Dreamsicle, Electric Amethyst, Electric Banana, Electric Lava, Electric Lizard, Electric Tiger Lily, Enchanted Forest, Fleurs Du Mal, Fuschia Shock, Green Envy, Hellfire, Hot Hot Pink, Inferno Red, Infra Red,  Lie Locks, Mermaid, Mystic Heather, Mystic Heather, New Rose, Pillarbox Red, Plum Passion, Pretty Flamingo, Psychedelic Sunset, Purple Haze, Raven, Red Passion, Rock n Roll Red, Rockabilly Blue, Sea Nymph, Shocking Blue, Siren Song, Sunshine, Ultra Violet, Vampire Red, Vampire’s Kiss, Velvet Violet, Venus Envy, Violet Night, Virgin Snow, Voodoo Blue, Voodoo Forest, Wildfire

The information given on this site has been from our own personal use, our customers feedback and various websites and forums. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another and if you are in any doubt about a procedure it is recommend you contact a hairdresser or other trained professional first.